Boat Enclosures

Are you ready for some shade or rain protection for your boat? Then it's time for a canvas enclosure.


Consisting of a frame that supports fabric or vinyl, windows, and fastening systems to connect all the different pieces, an enclosure can not only make a huge difference during a day out on the water but can also impact the value of your boat.


Ideally, your boat enclosure should compliment the lines of your boat. It should make moving around quick and convenient, and your panel sizes should be manageable for just one person to handle. Our experienced team of marine professionals can help you choose which option is best for you.


We use Sunbrella for all of our boat canvas cover materials. The material is considered mildew and UV resistant and comes with a minimum of a five-year warranty.


You can also use vinyl in place of canvas. There are a variety of options for the windows; rolled clear vinyl, double-polished sheet vinyl, and tinted vinyl, all with various thicknesses available.